À la Carte Menu


Cuon Chay (G)(V)   18
Soft rice paper rolls of mixed mushrooms, daikon, carrot and Vietnamese herbs

Goi Cuon (G optional)   18
Soft rice paper rolls of tiger prawn and pork neck with a hoi sin dipping sauce

Cuon Ga, Xa va La Lot (G)   18
Soft rice paper rolls of lemongrass chicken and betel leaf

Muc Rang Muoi (G)   26
Lightly battered chilli salted squid with fresh lemon and white pepper dipping sauce

Goi Mit va Dau Phu Uop Xa (G)(V)   18
Warm jackfruit salad with galangal and kaffir lime served with sesame crackers

Banh Cu Cai Trang Chien Xot Sa Te (G)(V)   20
Pan fried radish cake with satay sauce, pickled vegetables and garlic chives

Banh Bot Chien   23
Aunty 5’s rice cakes with tiger prawns, caramelised pork, pork floss and shallot oil

Goi Nghieu (G)   25
Wild Arctic surf clam served with pomelo, pickled fennel and sawtooth coriander salad

Bun Tom Nuong (G)   24
Char grilled banana prawns, rice noodles, witlof and Vietnamese herbs with a sweet fish sauce dressing

Ga Nuong Xot Sa Te (G)   24
Char grilled chicken satay skewers with Luke’s special spicy peanut sauce

Goi Bo Kho (G)   23
Dried beef marinated in lemongrass and chilli oil served with pickled green papaya, roasted beetroot carrots and Vietnamese herbs


Mid Course

Cha Gio Chay (G)(V)   18
Vegetable, tofu and glass noodle spring rolls served with fresh herbs and lettuce to wrap

Banh Xeo   32
Crisp rice flour crepe filled with master stock pork neck and tiger prawns, served with fresh herbs and lettuce to wrap

Banh Xeo Chay (V)   29.5
Crisp vegetarian rice flour crepe filled with mushroom, tofu and snow peas served with fresh herbs and lettuce to wrap



Cai va Nam Xao Toi va Sot Hau (G)(V)   22
Wok tossed bok choy, soy beans and mushrooms with mushroom sauce and soy

Lau Nam va Khoai Mon (V)   25
Five spice mushroom hot pot with taro, sweet potato and baby corn

Khoai Mon Chien (V)
Deep fried kumera dumplings with a tamari, lime and chilli sauce

Ca Chien Xot Nuoc Dua (G)   44
Pan fried fish fillets with lemongrass scented coconut milk, sawtooth coriander and chilli

Ca Chien Xot Dac Biet   market price
Deep fried whole fish of the day served with Red Lantern special sauce

Tom va Muc Xao (G)   44
Tiger prawns and squid wok tossed with baby corn, okra, Asian celery, ginger and oyster sauce

Ga Chien Don (G)   38
Crispy skin Bannockburn chicken cooked in master stock, served with ginger, shallot and oyster sauce

Mi Xao Vit   44
Roasted Tinder Creek duck served with egg noodles, Asian vegetables and plum sauce

Thit Heo Quay (G)    38
Roast free range Valencia pork belly marinated in coriander seeds, black pepper and oyster sauce with a vegetable salad and herbs

Bo Luc Lac (G)   45
Riverine Black Angus MBS 2+ beef strip loin wok tossed with black pepper, garlic, oyster sauce and sesame



Rau Muong Xao Chao (G)(V)   14
Wok tossed water spinach in a preserved bean curd sauce

Cai Thia Xao Xot Hao (G)   14
Wok tossed baby bok choy, snow pea tendrils, shiitake mushrooms and oyster sauce



Kem Flan Nuoc Dua (G)   16
Coconut crème caramel made with free range eggs and coconut milk

Chuoi Chien   16                                                                      
Banana fritters crumbed in coconut and white rice with palm sugar caramel, tapioca sauce and vanilla bean ice cream

Banh Cam Mang Cau (G)   16
Sesame and rice flour dumplings filled with caramelised soursop with black sesame ice cream

Dessert Platter for two   24
A trio of our favourite desserts

Cakeage   5pp


(V) Vegetarian (G) Gluten Free 

While every effort is made to cater for allergies and dietary requirements, we cannot, and will not guarantee that all foods and ingredients will be completely free of traces of nuts and shellfish.